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Manual testing tutorial

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Manual testing tutorials

  1. Download free sample testcase template
  2. Checklist for software application testing
  3. Software design specification – Importance in UI testing
  4. Early involvement of testing team in requirement phase
  5. Test case for button, password, form, links
  6. What is AB testing
  7. Checklist and device matrix for Responsive Testing
  8. Code to get screen resolution
  9. Test cases for drop-down list (multiple selection) in website
  10. Manual test cases for web/hyper link
  11. Web Developer Pre-release Testing Checklist
  12. Open URL in different browser using batch file
  13. Macros for record and replay of browser actions
  14. How to test a newsletter
  15. Pre-requiste of testing a newsletter
  16. Why database testing is required
  17. Cross browser testing
  18. A checklist for testing wordpress website
  19. Security testing of wordpress website
  20. Testing checklist for iOS app


Uses of Excel while doing testing

  1. Excel formatting operations
  2. VLookup in Microsoft excel
  3. How to create a file with specific size for testing
  4. How to Create Dependent drop down lists in Excel
  5. Export Data / Generate report from the TFS
  6. Test bulk urls using Excel VBA macro

Things to remember while doing SEO of the website

  1. Information about SEO development and testing

Agile methodology and testing

  1. Tester role in Agile methodology
  2. Agile estimation and Story points
  3. Importance of daily standup meeting in an agile process

Web Accessibility Guidelines

  1. What is accessibility testing?
  2. How to achieve web accessibility (development and testing)
  3. Focus order test cases for Accessibility testing
  4. Top web accessibility tool

List of useful tools while doing testing

  1. Performance testing (free online tools)
  2. Useful add-ons for tester in Firefox and Chrome
  3. JING- a must have testing tool for software testers
  4. Browserstack: Cross-Browser testing tool
  5. JIRA- Project management tool
  6. Screaming Frog – Broken link checker
  7. Free Audio and video recording for windows 10 online
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