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How to handle alerts – prompts in Selenium using Python

Alerts are used to show success, failure messages. Most of the times while automating applications there are situations to handle Alerts. Below are the few methods in selenium for handling alerts: accept() dismiss() text Below is the code snippet in selenium using python: [crayon-62b893ed45ee3158580580/] Decoding code 1. from selenium import webdriver:  This line states that, from selenium module/library

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Python sample programs – Part 1

  1. Calculate the Average of Numbers in a Given List [crayon-62b893ed464d5930352894/] 2. Exchange the Values of Two Numbers Without Using a Temporary Variable [crayon-62b893ed464dd220929570/] 3. Reverse a Given Number [crayon-62b893ed464e0387263335/] 4. Check Number is Positive or Negative [crayon-62b893ed464e3634565445/] 5. Take in the Marks of 5 Subjects and Display the Grade [crayon-62b893ed464e5503781155/] 6. Print all Numbers in a Range Divisible by

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Integrating Winium with Katalon studio

Winium is used to automate windows applications. Katalon does not support windows automation. If any web application needs interaction with windows application then we can integrate Winium with Katalon studio. Below are the steps to integrate Winium with Katalon Studio: Step1: Download the Zip file “Winium.Desktop.Driver.zip” from https://github.com/2gis/Winium.Desktop/releases Step2: Extract the downloaded Zip

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File Upload Using Windows Automation Tool And Selenium

Here are the step to upload file using selenium Click on Select file / Select button (This part could be handled using Selenium) Select file from open dialogue box(This part could not be handled using selenium)  Click on Upload or Upload file button. File Upload for INPUT tag with TYPE ="file" Example Url:  If Select file

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How to use @Parameters and @Optional annotations in the TestNG

TestNG @Parameters One of the important features of TestNG is parameterization. This annotation allows the user to pass parameter values to test methods through the testng.xml file. @Parameters({"param-name"}) Let's write a simple example of passing parameters to test methods through the XML configuration file. Steps to Perform: Open chrome and enter the Demo

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TestNG: Use of Before and After annotations with sample code

Exmaples for @BeforeMethod and @AfterMethod in TestNG. @BeforeMethod allows the method to execute before the execution of each Test methods, whereas @afterMethod is executed after the execution of each Test methods.  [crayon-62b893ed47045000942776/] Output: First Method: Before Method starts! Test with Default priority After Method starts In the above output, we can observe for every Test first @BeforeMethod is

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How to use Annotations in TestNG Framework

Annotations in TestNG Annotation is a feature introduced in Java 5 and is used to add a piece of code to the java source code.  Annotations are easy to use, maintain and understand. Annotations provide many useful attributes to use in the code. It is easier to find where the error occurred in the

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TestNG Test Annotation with attributes and sample code

Test Annotation with attributes in detail with example. @Test: The @Test attribute is the most important and commonly used annotation of TestNG. It is used to mark a class or a method as part of the test. We write code/business logic in the @Test method. If we want to automate something, that particular

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Comparison of Top 5 Automation Testing Tool in 2019

2019 Top 5 Automation Testing tool comparison with features, attributes etc. Selenium Katalon Studio Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Watir Ranorex Features Launch Date OR First Release Date Selenium → Developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 Katalon Studio → September 2016 UFT→ In Year 2001 Watir→ October 2012 Ranorex→ September 2007 Supported Operating Systems Selenium → Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux. Katalon Studio → Microsoft

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