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Protractor Tutorial

Protractor is a Node.js program which is used for testing of Angular JS applications. It is combination of Selenium, Jasmine, Webdriver etc. Along with Angular JS applications protractor can also be used in testing of normal web applications. Installation of Protractor: Protractor installation and configuration Advantages and disadvantages of protractor Locators and Sample

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What is $rootScope in angular js?

An AngularJS application has a single $rootScope. All the other $scope objects are child objects. The properties and methods attached to $rootScope will be available to all the controllers. The following example demonstrates the $rootScope and $scope object. [crayon-62b9ec3f12ee6150474438/] and the output looks like  [crayon-62b9ec3f12eef921013804/] Drop comment if you have any query. :)

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Select all, deselect all in angular material.

Consider we have page status list. [crayon-62b9ec3f1355b934456812/] then out html looks like as, [crayon-62b9ec3f1355e871606926/] and her we have 2 functions for select/deselect all. [crayon-62b9ec3f13560238616107/] If you have any query then drop a comment.:)

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Excel download in asp.net MVC with angular js which fetch data from server side with client side filters.

Consider we are downloading page name, description in excel. 1. we need to declare which field to includes from list for excel download. [crayon-62b9ec3f13be8428898461/] In html file. we are declaring 2 buttons. one is hidden. from shown button we will click to hidden button which will apply fiilter on data that comes from

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Add custom filter on list with paging in angular material

we have angular object  [crayon-62b9ec3f14320624945184/] In above, we have one pages objects which stores page list and page count. Consider, we have page status filters. which values is stored in 'filterData.selectedPageStatus' object that is we are passing to page custom filter. so out html looks like below [crayon-62b9ec3f14324526528682/] Now, add below code in app.js [crayon-62b9ec3f14326539557820/] Here we done.  Please

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