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SQL NULL Value – Simplified

In SQL, NULL approximately represents an unknown value.An arithmetic operation involving a NULL returns NULL. For example, NULL minus NULL yields NULL, not zero and NULL plus NULL is NULL as well.A boolean comparison between two values involving a NULL returns neither true nor false, but unknown in SQL's three-valued

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SQL Keys – Simplified

Keys are generally properties applied to a column of a database table that signify it's worth in that table. Following keys will help you understand the similarities and differences in the various column key options presented by MS SQL Server. In simple words, key in database is something that can

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SQL Indexes – Simplified

Indexing in SQL is a simple topic when it comes to discussion with an SQL Expert, but over the past 10 years as a developer, I have seen people with good knowledge and experience fail to portray the primary meaning of indexes and their types. Indexes help in retrieving data faster

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DDL, DML, DCL, DQL and TCL Commands – Meaning and Keywords in SQL

SQL - Structured Query Language is further categorized on the basis of various commands and functionality types done by a particular set of keywords and the overall impact on a particular set of database objects. They are as follows:DDL - Data Definition LanguageDML - Data Manipulation LanguageDCL - Data Control

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JSON is a data-interchange format that is both Human and Machine readable. It is easy for developers to interpret and pinpoint the issues, if any, during debugging when working with JSON. If the data is sent from our database to the application in JSON format. It will definitely make developers life

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Get record count of large or locked tables in MSSQL

Ever wondered why it takes so much time to get the count of rows in an SQL table with millions of records? In case when the table is large and fragmented the 'select count(*) from large_table_name' may take seconds to minutes to return an output. Re-indexing can also take up considerable

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