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WordPress Security checklist for Developers and Testers

Security scenarios to be check for WordPress site 1. Issue/Scenario - Access WordPress admin area Description - Every WordPress site has a management area through which the site admin manages the content and all the sections of the site. The admin user has all the access and authority to add, edit

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WordPress security checklist – How to secure your WordPress website?

Hosting Ideally on a dedicated instance or server For shared hosting, ensure that sites are isolated or “jailed” Run an https-only website.  User Management Grant only as much access as is needed Review your user list frequently, deleting those that are obsolete, downgrading roles where possible WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins Enable auto-updates wherever possible / practical Check for updates

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Google Analytics- Custom dimensions and metrics with Example

Dimension and Metrics allows you to analyze how users are interacting with content on your site or app. For example in a CMS or an android application, if you want to track user specific visits and hits over a particular page/ button/ level in a game.Example: Lets implement dimensions and metrics in

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