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Difference between JavaScript remove() method and CSS display none

This article provides information regarding the use of the remove() method in JavaScript and display: none property in CSS. remove() – JavaScript I am assuming you have an HTML page. Create div Element in the body tag, as shown below, I am passing this keyword (which means current Element). [crayon-62b8d90171561609286670/] Inspect elements HTML view Add

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How to Create HTML Element using JavaScript?

This article provides information about creating HTML Elements dynamically instead of static HTML Elements using JavaScript. You can create HTML Element dynamically using document.createElement() method. It takes parameter as tag Name. Syntax [crayon-62b8d90171b17279150862/] In createElement() method it takes first parameter as tagName or nodeName to create Element. An optional ElementCreationOptions object, In createElement() method it

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CSS3: Standard media queries for responsive design

We need media queries for responsive design. By using media queries we can define the view. We can able to design any element in different style for different size of the device. Following are the standard media queries for standard devices which developers used mostly. [crayon-62b8d90172316520669739/]  

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Contrast Level In Accessibility

What is contrast in Accessibility? Contrast is a visual difference used for distinguishing a certain object (or objects). Contrast in Accessibility is about finding colors that not only provide maximum contrast, but provide enough contrast between content and the background  so that it can be read by people with

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Difference between Block and inline level elements

Nearly all HTML elements are either block or inline elements. The characteristics of block elements include:Always begin on a new lineHeight, line-height and top and bottom margins can be manipulatedWidth defaults to 100% of their containing element, unless a width is specifiedIgnores the vertical-align propertyInline elements on the other hand have the opposite characteristics:Begin on the same lineHeight,

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CSS Scrollbar

Many times we need to change the way browsers render scrollbars, although we don’t find enough browsers that support it( :( ) not even vendor-prefixed properties except for Webkit.Webkit supports styling your scrollbar as required, and yes this means you could only view these custom scrollbars in Safari and Chrome

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