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Helpful Tools for SDLC and STLC

List of tools which are helpful while performing software testing and development. Each article contains list of tools which will help in software life cycle. Top Web Accessibility Tools - Contains list of tools which helps to determine whether web content meets the W3 recommended Accessibility guideline or not.  Performance testing (free

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WordPress Security checklist for Developers and Testers

Security scenarios to be check for WordPress site 1. Issue/Scenario - Access WordPress admin area Description - Every WordPress site has a management area through which the site admin manages the content and all the sections of the site. The admin user has all the access and authority to add, edit

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Agile estimation and Story points

1) What is story points in Agile Story point is a unit used in agile process which estimates the efforts for implementing a complete feature considering actual efforts, risk involved, uncertainties may occur and complexities of the implementation. The story point actually defines the difficulty level to achieve the goal. The main goal

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Importance of Daily standup meeting in an agile process

1) What is the daily standup in an agile process? A short team meeting conducted on a daily basis (Usually before starting the day) to know the task or work status of the team members. The focus of the meeting should be the each team member completed the yesterday's task and have

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