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Selenium – Introduction and Basics

Automation testing – In STLC, Regression testing plays most important part which verifies old functionalities of a web application is working fine while new changes also get along with them well. But the regression testing can be a lengthy and time consuming process. So the testing processes which are repetitive

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Read PDF File using Protractor

Pre-requisite: To read pdf file, first we need to install pdf2json library. Step to install pdf2json Prerequisite : System should have nodejs Installed. Open COMMAND prompt and go to directory . Write npm i pdf2json  and press enter. Once library is installed you will see below screen   Below is the code which shows how to read PDF

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KATALON : Launch and Close different browser

Using KATLON user can automate or run the script on below mentioned browsers Chrome (56) Firefox  (51) Safari 5.1 + Internet explorer EDGE In order to record , run / Automate script in Internet Explorer need to perform below setting for Internet Explorer. Security level for all zones should be same under (Internet Properties -> Security) Enable "Enhanced

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Install Automation Tool Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is free & simple powerful automation tool. Easy to Install & Configure. It requires less technical knowledge to learn. Very good Tool for Manual Testers to understand about Katalon. Here are some key feature. Create Project Create Tests Run Tests View Reports Maintain Tests Steps to Download Katalon Studio Download link is available at this location Need

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How to decide automation tool for testing

Identify best automation tool which suited for your project by focusing on these aspects. A) Management point of view B) Technology of the Application C) Expertise available. Try to follow step by step and at the end you will get your answer that which tool is best fit to automate the application. Identify in which

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