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Protractor: Script execution using custom command

This article will cover below points:  Use of custom command instead of protractor along with user defined options to control the execution of script. Protractor script execution for different test suites using different configuration files i.e. In regression test suite we will execute all spec files In smoke test suite we execute

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Finding elements of table in selenium

Elements in table can be accessed using xpath. Here is the sample HTML code: [crayon-62b8b963cca40191681619/] To locate first “td” in first “tr” in above HTML code. Below is the xpath:   //table//tr[1]/td[1] To locate second “td” in first “tr”. Below is the xpath. //table//tr[1]/td[2] To locate cells of Pune and Mumbai below is the xpath. //table//tr[1]/td To locate the

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File Upload Using Windows Automation Tool And Selenium

Here are the step to upload file using selenium Click on Select file / Select button (This part could be handled using Selenium) Select file from open dialogue box(This part could not be handled using selenium)  Click on Upload or Upload file button. File Upload for INPUT tag with TYPE ="file" Example Url:  If Select file

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TestNG Test Annotation with attributes and sample code

Test Annotation with attributes in detail with example. @Test: The @Test attribute is the most important and commonly used annotation of TestNG. It is used to mark a class or a method as part of the test. We write code/business logic in the @Test method. If we want to automate something, that particular

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Comparison of Top 5 Automation Testing Tool in 2019

2019 Top 5 Automation Testing tool comparison with features, attributes etc. Selenium Katalon Studio Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Watir Ranorex Features Launch Date OR First Release Date Selenium → Developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 Katalon Studio → September 2016 UFT→ In Year 2001 Watir→ October 2012 Ranorex→ September 2007 Supported Operating Systems Selenium → Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux. Katalon Studio → Microsoft

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Selenium Grid Setup Run Scripts on multiple machines

Selenium Grid allows to run tests in parallel mode on different machines and different browsers available on that machines. Selenium grid working is based on Master Slave architecture. Main Components of Selenium Grid are: 1. Hub: Hub acts as a master in Selenium Grid. There will be a single hub in

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Software Automation Test Life Cycle

Automation Test life cycle go through 7 phases mentioned below. Defining the automation scope Selecting the right tool for automation Automation Framework Design Setting up environment Test script development Test script execution and report generation Test script maintenance Defining the automation scope: In this phase it is necessary to check the Feasibility, Scope, Team size and Productivity of automation

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How to execute selenium script in Brave browser

 Execute selenium script in Brave browser To download and install selenium configuration please refer link: 1.Download and install brave browser in system:                ->Go to Brave browser site.                ->Download Brave Browser according to your system configuration.    As I have 64 bit

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How to Create Configure TestNG project

Setting up a new TestNG project In the previous topic, we have discussed the installation of TestNG in the Eclipse. Let's create a TestNG project in the eclipse and Name it as "TestNGProject". Step 1. Click on File > New > Java project. Step 2. Type "TestNGProject" as the Project Name then click Next. Step

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Best Selenium Automation framework TestNG

TestNG: Powerful and easy to use framework/tool over JUnit and NUnit. Extensively used by all automation testers due to its reporting feature. What are the features of TestNG? Annotations are widely used in the TestNG framework. Annotation is used to describe a piece of code that is inserted into the program or

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