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Automate windows application using sikuli selenium

What is sikuli Sikuli is a open source automation tool which is used to automate webelement of web application and window based pop up. To integrate sikuli with selenium download and install sikuli in your local machine To download and install sikuli follow the below steps: ->Go to google ->Search for  "Sikuli download" ->Click on the

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Features and comparison of Microsoft Teams

Feature of Microsoft Teams and Comparison with other software like skype, webex and slack. Microsoft teams is cloud based team communication software. The main capability in Microsoft teams includes business messaging, video meetings and file sharing.Microsoft Teams is an easy to use central hub for team communication. Microsoft Teams launched in March

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Alphanumeric Sort Using PadNumbers

Problem Statement: Sort the Alphanumeric values Solution : below is the Code that helped to sort the alphanumeric values Example : you have the list var List = {a1,ba3,aa2,a2,ba2,aa3}; we can not sort this directly using [crayon-62ba4ea84e00c811362367/] so to sort this we need to PadNumbers to value and then sort the List. with the help

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Helpful Tools for SDLC and STLC

List of tools which are helpful while performing software testing and development. Each article contains list of tools which will help in software life cycle. Top Web Accessibility Tools - Contains list of tools which helps to determine whether web content meets the W3 recommended Accessibility guideline or not.  Performance testing (free

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automate gmail login process using Selenium

Code to automate gamil login, send email and attachment. To use below code need to replace username password with actual values. Selenium code to send email using gmail by performing UI Operations. Below code will perform operations like 1) Launch chrome browser 2) Open Gmail URL 3) Enter Email ID and Password 4) Navigate to INBOX 5)

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How to Create Configure TestNG project

Setting up a new TestNG project In the previous topic, we have discussed the installation of TestNG in the Eclipse. Let's create a TestNG project in the eclipse and Name it as "TestNGProject". Step 1. Click on File > New > Java project. Step 2. Type "TestNGProject" as the Project Name then click Next. Step

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How to use XPath Extractor in JMeter?

XPath extractor is post processor component of JMeter. XPath extractor extracts text from the HTML response based on XPath query provided. To use XPath extractor in the Test plan we need to add it as a child element of HTTP Request sampler. Example to use XPath Extractor in JMeter Test plan Step 1:

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Manual testing tutorial

Manual testing tutorials Download free sample testcase template Checklist for software application testing Software design specification - Importance in UI testing Early involvement of testing team in requirement phase Test case for button, password, form, links What is AB testing Checklist and device matrix for Responsive Testing Code to get screen resolution Test cases for drop-down list (multiple selection)

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Different ways to create Xpath for a single Web element

Please find list of ways by using which we can create xpath to identify WebElement in the DOM. Here we have mentioned 15 different xpath for single web element (Society Name) from https://www.societyhive.com   //input[@id='txtSocietyName'] //input[@id='txtSocietyName' and @name='societyName']  //input[@id='txtSocietyName' or @name='societyName'] ---Toggle switch //span[text()='Please enter society name']//preceding-sibling::input --------Use of text() method //span[.='Please enter society name']//preceding-sibling::input -----Functionality of

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