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Features and comparison of Microsoft Teams

Feature of Microsoft Teams and Comparison with other software like skype, webex and slack. Microsoft teams is cloud based team communication software. The main capability in Microsoft teams includes business messaging, video meetings and file sharing.Microsoft Teams is an easy to use central hub for team communication. Microsoft Teams launched in March

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Manual testing tutorial

Manual testing tutorials Download free sample testcase template Checklist for software application testing Software design specification - Importance in UI testing Early involvement of testing team in requirement phase Test case for button, password, form, links What is AB testing Checklist and device matrix for Responsive Testing Code to get screen resolution Test cases for drop-down list (multiple selection)

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Security testing of wordpress website

As a wordpress is a open source we might think it is easy to hack, but if we take care of few things it is much more secure than  any other websites. Below are some tips for it which you can use while developing and testing phase. Tips Action  Description Verify that there are limited

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Test Cases for drop-down list (multiple selection) in website

We all are known about the multiple item selection drop-down list. It is used for select multiple items under a box or menu. By selecting items we can categories the list with help of drop-down menu. By default drop-down list will display only one item. Below are some test cases which

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Pencil Project a free wireframe making tool

Free Wireframe / mockups creating ToolPlanning and sketching ideas before implementation is useful for developers. In website development the wireframes (which is diagram or sketch of website) are handed to the designer for successful product development.Pencil Project is a free and Open-source tool that any one can use to create

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What is Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing is a subset of usability testing, and it is performed to ensure that the application being tested is usable by people with disabilities like hearing, color blindness, old age and other disadvantaged groups.People with disabilities use assistive technology which helps them in operating a software product.Many people confuse

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