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How to handle alerts – prompts in Selenium using Python

Alerts are used to show success, failure messages. Most of the times while automating applications there are situations to handle Alerts. Below are the few methods in selenium for handling alerts: accept() dismiss() text Below is the code snippet in selenium using python: [crayon-62ba0e1bf3174773244888/] Decoding code 1. from selenium import webdriver:  This line states that, from selenium module/library

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How to use @Parameters and @Optional annotations in the TestNG

TestNG @Parameters One of the important features of TestNG is parameterization. This annotation allows the user to pass parameter values to test methods through the testng.xml file. @Parameters({"param-name"}) Let's write a simple example of passing parameters to test methods through the XML configuration file. Steps to Perform: Open chrome and enter the Demo

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TestNG: Use of Before and After annotations with sample code

Exmaples for @BeforeMethod and @AfterMethod in TestNG. @BeforeMethod allows the method to execute before the execution of each Test methods, whereas @afterMethod is executed after the execution of each Test methods.  [crayon-62ba0e1bf3baa595043579/] Output: First Method: Before Method starts! Test with Default priority After Method starts In the above output, we can observe for every Test first @BeforeMethod is

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How to use Annotations in TestNG Framework

Annotations in TestNG Annotation is a feature introduced in Java 5 and is used to add a piece of code to the java source code.  Annotations are easy to use, maintain and understand. Annotations provide many useful attributes to use in the code. It is easier to find where the error occurred in the

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TestNG Test Annotation with attributes and sample code

Test Annotation with attributes in detail with example. @Test: The @Test attribute is the most important and commonly used annotation of TestNG. It is used to mark a class or a method as part of the test. We write code/business logic in the @Test method. If we want to automate something, that particular

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Selenium Grid Setup Run Scripts on multiple machines

Selenium Grid allows to run tests in parallel mode on different machines and different browsers available on that machines. Selenium grid working is based on Master Slave architecture. Main Components of Selenium Grid are: 1. Hub: Hub acts as a master in Selenium Grid. There will be a single hub in

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Integration of Katalon Reports into Microsoft Teams

Katalon execution results can be reported in Microsoft Teams by using this Add-on. Make sure you have latest version of Katalon Studio downloaded. To Send execution report in Microsoft Teams we need to follow below steps. Configurations in Microsoft Teams: Step1: Navigate to Microsoft Teams where you need execution reports. Click on more

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How to use properties file and xml file as object repository in selenium

Code to read data from properties and xml file in Selenium for Object Repository. How to store and read data from properties file what is properties file ? Properties file is a text file with .properties as extension where tester can store environment configuration details  like browser name,driver path ,url,userid , password that

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Automate windows application using sikuli selenium

What is sikuli Sikuli is a open source automation tool which is used to automate webelement of web application and window based pop up. To integrate sikuli with selenium download and install sikuli in your local machine To download and install sikuli follow the below steps: ->Go to google ->Search for  "Sikuli download" ->Click on the

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Helpful Tools for SDLC and STLC

List of tools which are helpful while performing software testing and development. Each article contains list of tools which will help in software life cycle. Top Web Accessibility Tools - Contains list of tools which helps to determine whether web content meets the W3 recommended Accessibility guideline or not.  Performance testing (free

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