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Retirement of certain SharePoint Online WebPartPagesWebService methods

We’ve identified an issue with five methods belonging to the deprecated WebPartPageWebService API (https://<Site>/_vti_bin/WebPartPages.asmx) that could cause impact to data integrity. These methods are: AddWebPart AddWebPartToZone SaveWebPart SaveWebPart2 GetWebPartPageConnectionInfo As a result, we are retiring these methods and they will stop returning data after October 12, 2020. Transition from SOAP to CSOM Developers should update any existing processes or integrations that use

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Use [Me] filter on Multi Line text

You may be storing username like User1; User2; User3; User4; User5 in Multiline text column. Along with this you are trying to create a view with “Admin User” “Contains” “[Me]” to show assigned items to login user. This won’t return you any result. Use of "[Me]" filter on Multiline text

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Custom Scripts are going away in SharePoint Online – 31st January, 2020

Major change is coming in SharePoint Online Microsoft Internal Sites!!!  Effected domain (for now) https://microsoft.sharepoint.com/. Microsoft has announced that coming 31st Jan 2020, custom JavaScript will be turned off in Classic SharePoint sites internally. This means "No Scripts" will be enable for Microsoft tenant in SharePoint Online. Don't worry, existing sites will

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PowerApps integration with SharePoint

Hello everyone, welcome to my yet another PowerApps Blog series. In the previous blog, we explore basic on Microsoft PowerApps with one of design template called 'Start from blank' now in this blog we explore PowerApps integration with SharePoint with design template called 'Start from data'. In this blog, we see terminologies

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How to Check SharePoint Online Version?

While SharePoint doesn't have any version button or version infobox, so it's difficult to find which version of SharePoint am I using? So in this article, we will show you how to check the SharePoint Online version without any code. There are 3 ways to find out the version number: Service cnf file Using Browser Dev

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Image Renditions in SharePoint 2013

An Image Renditions is another great feature in SharePoint 2013 where we actually deal with images in site collection, we handle actual renditions of images, improve the user experience of your website by optimizing images. Using Image Renditions you can have original (large) images stored in your site collection and then define

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How to Check the User Permissions in Office 365/SharePoint 2013 Online

Folks, ever you faced to find what kind of permission of user have on the site. SharePoint has a good identify setting where you can find user permission which have across the SharePoint site either at group level or user level. So I’ve written few simple step to determine user permission

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How to check which SharePoint site template is used to build the site

Hello folks, I recently need to check which site type or site template has been used for my SharePoint Sub site. So for that I look into SharePoint Site Setting but  was not able to find any such type of setting which indicate which type of site template I have used

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