WordPress Security checklist for Developers and Testers

Security scenarios to be check for WordPress site 1. Issue/Scenario - Access WordPress admin area Description - Every WordPress site has a management area through which the site admin manages the content and all the sections of the site. The admin user has all the access and authority to add, edit

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WordPress security checklist – How to secure your WordPress website?

Hosting Ideally on a dedicated instance or server For shared hosting, ensure that sites are isolated or “jailed” Run an https-only website.  User Management Grant only as much access as is needed Review your user list frequently, deleting those that are obsolete, downgrading roles where possible WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins Enable auto-updates wherever possible / practical Check for updates

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Add Videos using media upload URL in WordPress

We have seen how to add WordPress media upload button in a page or metabox. You can find the steps here. Similarly you can also add a media upload button for videos, since the above link has media upload type as image media-upload.php?type=image&TB_iframe=true How do we upload videos instead? Follow the steps

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Web Developer Pre-release Testing Checklist

When we talk about an emerging full-stack web developer, there are certain things that are bound to be missed owing to a developer background and a programmer mindset. A checklist with all things that should be considered before release to QA or launch will help a developer to deliver a not

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Roles and capabilities of User in wordpress

In wordpress you can define different user roles having specific capabilities as per requirement.Following link gives you the brief idea about various roles and their capabilities.Wordpress user roles and capabilitiesYou can also create new user role can say custom user role using wordpress function reference.[crayon-62ba37085834f173733962-i/] [crayon-62ba370858353354764226/]The above example shows the idea

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WordPress – Jquery get dynamic urls(admin_url, template_directory)

WordPress provides a series of methods and global variables for getting the current url, template directory, plugin directory, includes directory, admin directory that saves us from using absolute paths. On the other hand JQuery under wordpress does not include such urls so we end up using absolute urls. A workaround for this

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