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How To Improve Website Loading Speed?

Why it is important to Improve Website loading Speed? Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. And many times we’ll let it slide to accommodate better aesthetic design, new nifty functionality or to add more content to web pages. Page loading speed is a measurement

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Add meta tags to master page using OOB feature in SharePoint

Add meta tags to master page using OOB feature in SharePoint

Hello :-) I am beginner in SharePoint so i always looking for new things in SharePoint. Finally i found a cool feature in SharePoint Site Setting. The Feature is "How include meta tags in your default and custom master page without editing or in SharePoint terms form OOB. " I am talking

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Web Developer Pre-release Testing Checklist

When we talk about an emerging full-stack web developer, there are certain things that are bound to be missed owing to a developer background and a programmer mindset. A checklist with all things that should be considered before release to QA or launch will help a developer to deliver a not

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Download free sample test case template

The test case (excel) template is still be using by small startups who cannot afford tools available in market and having too small team to use open source tools available or fresher’s who are new in software testing fields. The excel template can be used commonly by a team with OneDrive

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Information about SEO development and testing.

What is SEO?Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website on search engine result pages (SERPs), by adding search engine friendly elements into a website. There are two types of Search engine optimization on-page, and off-page optimization. On-page optimization refers to website elements which comprise

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WordPress SEO – Categories and Tags

What are WordPress Categories?Categories in a post organizes a post into a section of posts that share a context. For ex. Technical, Psychology, Medical. All posts that talk about WordPress will belong to category Technical, WordPress, WordPress Multisite. What are WordPress Tags?Tags in a post are words or phrases that describe the content

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Robots Exclusion Protocol: robots.txt

What is Robots Exclusion Protocol?Robots Exclusion Protocol is a convention where directives are written with an objective to restrict or channel web crawlers to access parts of website. A part of website may be publicly visible and rest is private for all or some web crawlers.The standard was proposed by Martijn Koster.The robots.txt file need

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Robots.txt: User agents

Popular Search Index bots and their User agents that can be used in robots.txtCrawlerUser AgentsDescription   Googlebot(Web) Googlebot Generic Google bot crawler for web searchGooglebot News Googlebot-News For Google NewsGooglebot Images Googlebot-Image For Images SearchGooglebot videoGooglebot-Video  For Video SearchGooglebot mobile Googlebot-Mobile For Google Mobile web search resultsGoogle Mobile AdSense Mediapartners-Google Mediapartners Google AdSense Mediapartners-Google Mediapartners Google AdsBot landing page quality check AdsBot-Google Only visits landing pages used

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Rich snippets: microdata vs. microformat vs. RDFa

Schema.org: is a collaboration between Bing, Google, Yahoo and Yandex to provide for a set of markups that will be used by search engines to fetch rich and relevant search results.You can use rich snippet tool to see what data has been extracted from your page and what will appear

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How to see which company visited your website using Google analytics

Just noticed that one of Google Analytics reports shows the list of service providers who visited your website. This can be valuable for many sales and marketing teams. You can get list of companies who have visited your website and related info. Lets get to the report first: Step 1: Login

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