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SQL Commands

SQL Commands: The standard SQL commands to interact with relational databases are CREATE, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and DROP DDL - Data Definition Language: CREATE: Creates a new table, a view of a table, or other object in the database ALTER: Modifies an existing database object, such as a table DROP: Deletes an entire table,

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Backup and restore SQL Database to Azure Blob Storage Service in C#

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is a scalable, online cloud data storage service that stores data blobs in containers. This article helps you understand how to write backups to and restore from the Azure Blob Storage Service and to do so we will create an Azure Blob Container, credentials for accessing the

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DDL, DML, DCL, DQL and TCL Commands – Meaning and Keywords in SQL

SQL - Structured Query Language is further categorized on the basis of various commands and functionality types done by a particular set of keywords and the overall impact on a particular set of database objects. They are as follows:DDL - Data Definition LanguageDML - Data Manipulation LanguageDCL - Data Control

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How to get notification from database when any transaction on records?

Technologies Used: Visual Studio 2013 Express Sql Server 2008 R2 Express MVC 5 Nuget SqlDependency MSDN SignalR 2.0.1 Nuget Jquery 2.0.3 Nuget Toast Notifications Script to Create Broker & Service: create a user called "GeneralUser" with a password of "dbpassword" in your SQl Server logins. Run the following script in a Sql query pane, to create a message broker\service for

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How to import data from MS Excel

If you have data in excel and you want to add data in you database using C# this is useful example. Follow below steps: Step 1: Create database tables to import data [crayon-62ba1ea07cd31248149314/] Step 2: Add below namespaces in your project [crayon-62ba1ea07cd39013187281/] Step 3:  Add below method and send file path to this method as parameters. [crayon-62ba1ea07cd3c431982458/]  This method get file path

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