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Selenium WebDriver Locator: Class Name

Locator Type: Class Name Class attribute in HTML element used to apply style or select web element(s) JavaScript functions.  One class attribute could contain multiple classes separated by space and it is called as composite class.  Class attribute need not to be unique like id.  Java code to find web element using class attribute value.  [crayon-62ba179ad8ccc550054453-i/] Steps to

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Selenium WebDriver Locator: Tag Name

Locator Type: Tag Name  HTML document is structure of different html elements which normally contains start tag with attribute closing tag and some text within opening and closing tag.  Opening tag consist within Tag Name within two angular brackets (‘<’ and ‘>’) while closing tag contains forward slash before Tag Name within angular brackets. Java code to find

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Write xpath using text and text functions in selenium?

Write Xpath using element text and string functions. Information for this section  Symbols used while Xpath creation ./ (period symbol and forward slash)      → Current element /* (forward slash and asterisk symbol)   → All child element of current element .. (double period symbol)                          → Immediate parent

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Write xpath using attribute and tag name in Selenium

Xpath Basic Information Xpath is a language and used to find targeted web element within html document. Types of Xpath Absolute Xpath: Path from root element to targeted element without missing any elements in between. Absolute xpath could be form by using '/' (single forward slash) and '[index]' (square bracket with index). Example: To locate <input>

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Code to locate element by Name using Selenium Webdriver

Locator Type: Name  Name attribute is unique throughout html document except checkbox and radio button.  Name attribute is not unique if multiple radio button and checkboxes used with same name.  Name attribute used with iframe which can be used to switch driver from current web page to iframe by using name.  Java code to

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Selenium WebDriver Locator by ID

Here is example to find element by Locator Type as ID  ID is attribute used with HTML element to uniquely identify it in HTML document.  Faster and easiest way to locate an element in HTML document using selenium.  How to find web element by using id in Java language WebElement wElement=driver.findElement(By.id("id_attribute_value")); Steps to find ID attribute of web

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