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Backup and restore SQL Database to Azure Blob Storage Service in C#

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is a scalable, online cloud data storage service that stores data blobs in containers. This article helps you understand how to write backups to and restore from the Azure Blob Storage Service and to do so we will create an Azure Blob Container, credentials for accessing the

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Get access token to call Microsoft Azure api

We require Realm URL, Client ID, Client Secret. Using above key we can fetch the access token as follows.   var realm = "RealmURL"; var authContext = new AuthenticationContext("AuthURL"); var userCreds = new ClientCredential("ClientId", "ClientSecret"); authenticationResult = authContext.AcquireTokenAsync(realm, userCreds).Result; if (authenticationResult != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(authenticationResult.AccessToken)) accessToken = authenticationResult.AccessToken;  

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