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Get access token to call Microsoft Azure api

We require Realm URL, Client ID, Client Secret. Using above key we can fetch the access token as follows.   var realm = "RealmURL"; var authContext = new AuthenticationContext("AuthURL"); var userCreds = new ClientCredential("ClientId", "ClientSecret"); authenticationResult = authContext.AcquireTokenAsync(realm, userCreds).Result; if (authenticationResult != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(authenticationResult.AccessToken)) accessToken = authenticationResult.AccessToken;  

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How to Schedule Jobs in Windows Azure Worker Roles

The following is an example that demonstrates how I was able to successfully schedule jobs. Start by implementing the IJob interface to create a job that can be managed by Quartz.Net. [crayon-62b8b2d4a739c622334785/] Then in the RoleEntryPoint OnStart() method create and configure the scheduler with a trigger and the daily job. This is the part that was greatly lacking in

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Using Azure PowerShell for managing azure subscription and virtual machine

You can use Windows PowerShell to perform a variety of tasks in Azure, either interactively at a command prompt or automatically through scripts. Azure PowerShell is a module that provides cmdlets to manage Azure through Windows PowerShell.  Prerequisites for using Azure PowerShell Azure PowerShell modules require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.   How to: Install

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