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How to use @Parameters and @Optional annotations in the TestNG

TestNG @Parameters One of the important features of TestNG is parameterization. This annotation allows the user to pass parameter values to test methods through the testng.xml file. @Parameters({"param-name"}) Let's write a simple example of passing parameters to test methods through the XML configuration file. Steps to Perform: Open chrome and enter the Demo

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TestNG: Use of Before and After annotations with sample code

Exmaples for @BeforeMethod and @AfterMethod in TestNG. @BeforeMethod allows the method to execute before the execution of each Test methods, whereas @afterMethod is executed after the execution of each Test methods.  [crayon-62b887b4400a3978472754/] Output: First Method: Before Method starts! Test with Default priority After Method starts In the above output, we can observe for every Test first @BeforeMethod is

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How to use Annotations in TestNG Framework

Annotations in TestNG Annotation is a feature introduced in Java 5 and is used to add a piece of code to the java source code.  Annotations are easy to use, maintain and understand. Annotations provide many useful attributes to use in the code. It is easier to find where the error occurred in the

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TestNG Test Annotation with attributes and sample code

Test Annotation with attributes in detail with example. @Test: The @Test attribute is the most important and commonly used annotation of TestNG. It is used to mark a class or a method as part of the test. We write code/business logic in the @Test method. If we want to automate something, that particular

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Helpful Tools for SDLC and STLC

List of tools which are helpful while performing software testing and development. Each article contains list of tools which will help in software life cycle. Top Web Accessibility Tools - Contains list of tools which helps to determine whether web content meets the W3 recommended Accessibility guideline or not.  Performance testing (free

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How to Create Configure TestNG project

Setting up a new TestNG project In the previous topic, we have discussed the installation of TestNG in the Eclipse. Let's create a TestNG project in the eclipse and Name it as "TestNGProject". Step 1. Click on File > New > Java project. Step 2. Type "TestNGProject" as the Project Name then click Next. Step

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Install TestNG Framework

What is TestNG FrameWork? 1. TestNG is the most widely used testing framework in the software testing industry. It is an open source automated Testing framework. 2. TestNG is an automation testing framework in which NG stands for "Next Generation". 3. TestNG is used for different kinds of testing like unit, functional, integration

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Manual testing tutorial

Manual testing tutorials Download free sample testcase template Checklist for software application testing Software design specification - Importance in UI testing Early involvement of testing team in requirement phase Test case for button, password, form, links What is AB testing Checklist and device matrix for Responsive Testing Code to get screen resolution Test cases for drop-down list (multiple selection)

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Security testing of wordpress website

As a wordpress is a open source we might think it is easy to hack, but if we take care of few things it is much more secure than  any other websites. Below are some tips for it which you can use while developing and testing phase. Tips Action  Description Verify that there are limited

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