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Alphanumeric Sort Using PadNumbers

Problem Statement: Sort the Alphanumeric values Solution : below is the Code that helped to sort the alphanumeric values Example : you have the list var List = {a1,ba3,aa2,a2,ba2,aa3}; we can not sort this directly using [crayon-62b8c64fcb8f6148795160/] so to sort this we need to PadNumbers to value and then sort the List. with the help

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Backup and restore SQL Database to Azure Blob Storage Service in C#

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is a scalable, online cloud data storage service that stores data blobs in containers. This article helps you understand how to write backups to and restore from the Azure Blob Storage Service and to do so we will create an Azure Blob Container, credentials for accessing the

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Web Developer Pre-release Testing Checklist

When we talk about an emerging full-stack web developer, there are certain things that are bound to be missed owing to a developer background and a programmer mindset. A checklist with all things that should be considered before release to QA or launch will help a developer to deliver a not

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JSON is a data-interchange format that is both Human and Machine readable. It is easy for developers to interpret and pinpoint the issues, if any, during debugging when working with JSON. If the data is sent from our database to the application in JSON format. It will definitely make developers life

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Simple way to generate connection string from text file

Common issue generally every developer faces in his initial days of development is how to generate connection string that connects my application to the database. Especially when we don't have sql management studio installed or if we are facing licensing issues.Well, a text file can come to a rescue.  To overcome such

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