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SQL NULL Value – Simplified

In SQL, NULL approximately represents an unknown value.An arithmetic operation involving a NULL returns NULL. For example, NULL minus NULL yields NULL, not zero and NULL plus NULL is NULL as well.A boolean comparison between two values involving a NULL returns neither true nor false, but unknown in SQL's three-valued

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DDL, DML, DCL, DQL and TCL Commands – Meaning and Keywords in SQL

SQL - Structured Query Language is further categorized on the basis of various commands and functionality types done by a particular set of keywords and the overall impact on a particular set of database objects. They are as follows:DDL - Data Definition LanguageDML - Data Manipulation LanguageDCL - Data Control

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Why Database testing is required

Why Front-end application testers should also know the basic Database testing in order to better test the applications:-What is Database TestingIn Database testing we validate:-Exactly the same data that is in database is retrieved by web or desktop application (front-end applications).The data which is inserted/modified from front-end application the same

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