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Protractor: Script execution using custom command

This article will cover below points:  Use of custom command instead of protractor along with user defined options to control the execution of script. Protractor script execution for different test suites using different configuration files i.e. In regression test suite we will execute all spec files In smoke test suite we execute

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How to use XPath Extractor in JMeter?

XPath extractor is post processor component of JMeter. XPath extractor extracts text from the HTML response based on XPath query provided. To use XPath extractor in the Test plan we need to add it as a child element of HTTP Request sampler. Example to use XPath Extractor in JMeter Test plan Step 1:

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How to use Non GUI mode in JMeter

JMeter provides simple and user friendly GUI to users. Using the JMeter GUI mode user can use elements like Thread Group, samplers, Processors, Controllers, Timers etc. JMeter GUI mode also gives the facility to view and analyze the result of the script using different types of Listeners. Apart from the above

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JMeter Tutorial

JMeter is an open source platform independent tool released on 15th Dec 1998. It was developed by Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation. JMeter is mainly used for load testing along with API testing. Installation and Introduction of JMeter Install and Launch JMeter on Windows JMeter sample script JMeter Components Core JMeter Components and

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Read data from CSV file using CSV Data set config in Jmeter

For reading data from CSV file, JMeter provides a config element called CSV Data Set Config. Below are the steps for configuring and executing CSV Data Set Config: Step 1: Go to File -> Click on New. User will see a new Test Plan as shown in below image: User needs to save

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Extract data from Response in JMeter using Regular Expression Extractor

Regular expression extractor is a post processor component used to extract required data from the response body. Consider an example where we want to extract 'title' value from the response body. Using 'Regular Expression Extractor' title value can be extracted. Details of the fields used in above Regular Expression Extractor(RE): Name given to the

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Performance Test for Cursors in Stored Procedures

In this article, we will test the performance of the cursors with the help of the client statistics that shows the different statistics like Network statistics, Time statistics, Query Profile Statistics. Step#1: First reset client statistics by click on Query >> Reset client Statistics. This will clear the client statistics Step#2: Click

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JMeter Installation and launch JMeter on Windows

Installation of JMeter is quite an easy process. Following are the steps to install JMeter on your system: 1. Java installation: User needs to install JVM on the machine before installation of JMeter. Here is the link from which user can download and install latest JDK. When navigated to above url, user

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