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Protractor: Script execution using custom command

This article will cover below points:  Use of custom command instead of protractor along with user defined options to control the execution of script. Protractor script execution for different test suites using different configuration files i.e. In regression test suite we will execute all spec files In smoke test suite we execute

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MaxJsonLength exception in ASP.NET MVC during JavaScriptSerializer

Problem Statement:  The following exception (error) occurs in ASP.NET when AJAX calls are made to PageMethod using jQuery AJAX or ScriptManager Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer. "The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property." Below code that helped to resolve the issue. Instead of

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Read PDF File using Protractor

Pre-requisite: To read pdf file, first we need to install pdf2json library. Step to install pdf2json Prerequisite : System should have nodejs Installed. Open COMMAND prompt and go to directory . Write npm i pdf2json  and press enter. Once library is installed you will see below screen   Below is the code which shows how to read PDF

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A Cool New ‘Paste JSON As Classes’ Feature in ASP.NET Web Tools 2012.2 RC

Here’s a simple example:A) Copy to clipboard your JSON object.[crayon-62b8d539d64d7700041476/] B) In VS2012, open edit menu, choose ‘Past Special’ and click on ‘Past JSON As Classes’.The result:[crayon-62b8d539d64dc685513290/] Of course it also supports more complex objects like Multi-Dimensional Arrays etc.              

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