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How to handle alerts – prompts in Selenium using Python

Alerts are used to show success, failure messages. Most of the times while automating applications there are situations to handle Alerts. Below are the few methods in selenium for handling alerts: accept() dismiss() text Below is the code snippet in selenium using python: [crayon-62bbf4cb884a1081302673/] Decoding code 1. from selenium import webdriver:  This line states that, from selenium module/library

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Comparison of Top 5 Automation Testing Tool in 2019

2019 Top 5 Automation Testing tool comparison with features, attributes etc. Selenium Katalon Studio Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Watir Ranorex Features Launch Date OR First Release Date Selenium → Developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 Katalon Studio → September 2016 UFT→ In Year 2001 Watir→ October 2012 Ranorex→ September 2007 Supported Operating Systems Selenium → Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux. Katalon Studio → Microsoft

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Read data from CSV file using CSV Data set config in Jmeter

For reading data from CSV file, JMeter provides a config element called CSV Data Set Config. Below are the steps for configuring and executing CSV Data Set Config: Step 1: Go to File -> Click on New. User will see a new Test Plan as shown in below image: User needs to save

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Protractor Tutorial

Protractor is a Node.js program which is used for testing of Angular JS applications. It is combination of Selenium, Jasmine, Webdriver etc. Along with Angular JS applications protractor can also be used in testing of normal web applications. Installation of Protractor: Protractor installation and configuration Advantages and disadvantages of protractor Locators and Sample

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Extract data from Response in JMeter using Regular Expression Extractor

Regular expression extractor is a post processor component used to extract required data from the response body. Consider an example where we want to extract 'title' value from the response body. Using 'Regular Expression Extractor' title value can be extracted. Details of the fields used in above Regular Expression Extractor(RE): Name given to the

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Selenium Webdriver tutorial

Installation and Introduction of Selenium: Selenium is an open source automation testing tool which is used for running the test script and to automate the web applications. Due to open source (free) tool this is widely used automation tool in the market. Programming languages supported by Webdriver are Java, .net,

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Selenium WebDriver Locator: Class Name

Locator Type: Class Name Class attribute in HTML element used to apply style or select web element(s) JavaScript functions.  One class attribute could contain multiple classes separated by space and it is called as composite class.  Class attribute need not to be unique like id.  Java code to find web element using class attribute value.  [crayon-62bbf4cb88981902958179-i/] Steps to

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Selenium WebDriver Locator: Tag Name

Locator Type: Tag Name  HTML document is structure of different html elements which normally contains start tag with attribute closing tag and some text within opening and closing tag.  Opening tag consist within Tag Name within two angular brackets (‘<’ and ‘>’) while closing tag contains forward slash before Tag Name within angular brackets. Java code to find

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Selenium Locator: Link Text and Partial Link Text

Locator Type:  Link Text or Partial Link Text. This locator is used to locate anchor web element using it's text. Link text is a element text between opening <a> and closing anchor tag </a>. Partial link text is used to find anchor element similar to point 1 but it used partial unique text

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Write xpath using text and text functions in selenium?

Write Xpath using element text and string functions. Information for this section  Symbols used while Xpath creation ./ (period symbol and forward slash)      → Current element /* (forward slash and asterisk symbol)   → All child element of current element .. (double period symbol)                          → Immediate parent

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