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Read data from excel sheet using Katalon Studio

This post was most recently updated on July 25th, 2017

It it very easy to get data from excel using Katalon Studio. For Data driven test cases we need excel sheet. In this article will see how to use excel sheet in KATALON studio by using findTestData method.

  1. Select Menu File -> New -> Test Data (Katalon studio will show “New Test Data” Dialog.
  2. Provide Test Data Name in “Name” Text box.
  3. Select “Excel” from data type dropdown list.
  4. Provide Description if required and then click on Ok Button. (File’s Information Window should appear)
  5. Select File Name which you want to use as test data by clicking on Browse Button
  6. By default “use first row as header” is checked. Don’t uncheck it.
  7. Now select the sheet name and then click on Save All.

Now in script define variable for e.g 

url = findTestData(“New Test Data”).getValue(“url”, 1)

in findTestData method pass the parameter name of Test Data which you have created by following step 1 to 7 and then provide column name and row number in getValue.


Below is the sample code to read input values from excel sheet and pass it to script.


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