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Manual test cases for Web/Hyper Link

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List of Manual Test Cases for Web / Hyper Link 

1. For links check if it is mouse hover or clickable link.

2. Verify the hand icon on mouse hover on the link.

3. Verify tooltip on mouse hover and tooltip text should be aligned with the design. (Check with maximum character).

4. Verify link color functionality when the user hovers mouse or click on Link.

5. On mouse hover, it should display color as per the requirement.

6. On mouse hover, link address should be displayed at the left bottom of the browser window. (Depends on the requirement).

7. Verify hyperlink provided should open in same window, Tab / new Window, Tab.

8. Verify hyperlink should not show any 404 error or any other error after opening.

9. Verify loader functionality if available. (System should load data as per requirement within mentioned time or seconds).

10. Verify the login page should be displayed whenever necessary rights are required to view data.

11. If the link contains image then the image should load properly and should be visible.

12. For broken links use an add-on to identify the number of broken links on the page.

13. Verify web links are developed based on accessibility standard 2.0 (AA level) minimum.

14. If the web page is responsive then all weblinks should open in the mobile browser window as per requirement.

15. Verify hyperlink provided for web link should be as per requirement.

16. Verify loading time for hyperlinks.

17. All hyperlinks should open in all standard browsers.

18. Verify color for web link in all browsers.

19. From the security point of view, hyperlinks should pass XSS attack scenarios.

20. Verify each HTML element which is associated with hyperlink should have a unique ID for example if the page contains 2 buttons then both should have 2 different ID.

21. Any reader (narrator, jaws etc) should read it as Link with the address of hyperlink.

Let us know if any other scenarios are missing to test web link.

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