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Client Needs

Student security is a key aspect of any school. While the schools like to focus on the learning process and educational content, they must ensure the student’s security. With the various risks that a student is exposed to, it’s become crucial to use technology to track a student’s movement.

The client needed to Track students’ movement until they reach the desired destination using GPS tracking and notifications.

As the number of students started growing, safe transportation of the students became a key aspect of the school administration. It became inevitable that technology has to be used to offer a safe and secured environment to students.

Solution Overview

Key Strategies Implemented

Mundrisoft created a sophisticated application that

  • Register students with primary, secondary and back up contact numbers of parents
  • Provides individual cards to students with a trackable unique ID
  • Track the start and end position of the student
  • Sends notifications on the safe transport activity completion
  • Sends emergency alerts in case of any exceptions
  • Provides a comprehensive report for the school administration
Making an impact

Key Results

  • Safe & Secure Learning Enviornment
  • Parents can send their ward to school with complete peace of mind