Increase productivity with decreased operational expenses with our ODC Offering
Grow your Team

Get your own development center in India.

If you are a fast-growing organization and looking to seed or grow your footprint in India, an ODC is a great option. We are a software development firm ourselves so, we know what it takes to run it successfully.

We help you to avoid concerns about incorporation procedure, or legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leases, security etc., but full control over intellectual property generated without enormous investments. ODC means that you pay only for what you use – IT infrastructure, scalable technology resources, office administration, and no redundant expenses.

What you get?

Mundrisoft’s ODC Benefits

  • Full Control over the team
  • Hiring and retaining niche talents
  • Transmitting consistent organization culture
  • Higher productivity and quality
  • ODC governed by head office policies
  • Hybrid-model along with standard ODC features
Scale Your Business

The ODC Lifecycle

Mundrisoft is committed to not just set up an ODC for you, but help you grow and nurture it through levels, until it becomes an optimized and stable operation.

Maturity Level

  • Initial - Unpredictable & Reactive
  • Managed - Managed at the project level
  • Defined - Proactive rather than reactive
  • Quantitatively managed - Measured and controlled
  • Optimizing - Stable and flexible

Looking at setting up a scalable team without incurring enormous costs?

Get in touch with us to learn more on how you can scale through our offshoring solutions.