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A group of associations in the apartment rental industry approached us to create an application that is easy to use for non-technical members and administrators.

Collaboration within their teams and members, and integrating accounting were their primary concerns. Verifying members, sending notifications and announcements to all members in a timely manner, as well as document tracking and conducting and managing events were all desired.

Solution Overview


Mundrisoft Solutions created the Association Management Software SocietyHive with a clean, straightforward and simple interface. Its functionality is simple yet addressed all of the required features. Each association receives a unique URL, providing a secure space where members of the association can perform all the tasks related to association management, collaboration and accounting.

Because information is stored in a secure, central location, members are able to create their own private groups, can collaborate and visit the conversation history, while allowing the association mangers or administrators to efficiently manage the overall association.

The accounting system within SocietyHive enables the administrators to efficiently track donations, perform the accounting tasks, review cash flow and create detailed reports based on their needs.

Some benefits of using SocietyHive:

  • Customizable modules.
  • Simple, easy to use interface.
  • Private Website for each association, only members can access the site.
  • Manage and track members, rules, documents, vendors, notifications etc.
  • Collaborate by creating groups, participating in open discussions, polling, post classifieds, association photos, and conduct and manage events, etc.
  • Manage financials, details of cash flows, donations, penalty charges and all transactions related to the association.

Currently the SocietyHive software is being actively used worldwide by over 2,000 associations as their association management software.

Making an impact

Key Results

  • Transparent & ease at operations
  • Reduced overhead
  • Built member loyalty
  • Easy dues collection