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Client Needs

Every business starts with the client. Sales & marketing is arguably one of the most critical functions of the organization.

The client has an in-house Sales & Marketing team, and most functions are carried out manually. The challenge was to get a convincing ROI on their daily and quarterly marketing spends. The client needed an Automation of sales & marketing functions to improve effectiveness and achieve better ROI on marketing spend.

Solution Overview

Key Strategies Implemented

Mundrisoft team consulted the client and came up with an automation strategy. We recommended a technology-based solution that automated various pieces of client’s marketing function-

  • Marketing plan creation and approval
  • Campaign management workflow
  • An Advertisement calendars
  • Content approval processes
  • Collateral creation and maintenance
  • Marketing collateral management
Making an impact

Key Results

  • Sales & Marketing activities were organized
  • Consistent Brand Messaging
  • Increase in ROI
  • Cost of campaigns decreased