Top HR Trends for 2021 – Driving Value in a Post Pandemic World

April 15th 2021,  11 AM EST

Live Webinar  | 1 hour

While 2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone, HR departments in particular underwent a radical change that upended almost every aspect of the workplace. As HR teams pull together to address challenging and important issues, the need for transformation and optimization has never been more distinct.

The challenges of changing workplace models and accelerated transformation have sharpened HR’s focus on ways to adapt to this new reality.

Join us for the upcoming webinar as we discuss some of the top HR trends for 2021 and its implications in the organization. We cover key factors Business and HR leaders should consider as they prepare for the next normal.

We discuss

  • Top HR Trends and its Implications
  • The impact on CHROs and HR leaders
  • How HR Leaders should prepare for 2021

15th April, 2021


1 Hour

Industry Insights

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What’s in the eBook?

HR trends in 2021 are about factoring the primary requisites into strategic planning, i.e., employee wellness, inclusiveness, and resilience. This eBook brings in a collated list of the Top HR Trends for 2021.

Trend Implications
Retrospective analysis on the impact of the trends on the changing roles and responsibilities of CHROs and HR leaders

Industry Insights
Forethought on how leaders must prepare to accommodate the changing power and accountability dynamics that these trends activate in 2021

Sign up for the webinar and get the HR trends eBook