Digital Solutions for New-Age Assessments in a proficient environment

Accelerating innovation in digital assessment

Customized end-to-end assessments for your workforce management, educational institutions, online evaluations, or government bodies, you name it, and we will have a solution ready for you.

Modern & Easy to Use

Efficient software that makes online assessment more productive, with intuitive interfaces, customized workflow and immediate publishing.

Cloud based Software

From storage, to speed, and infrastructure, we are completely cloud-based to diminish IT expenses. You may also choose to integrated with third party certification and proctoring software.

Adaptive Testing

Build tests that are easily adaptable to each student. Our Adaptive Tests are:

  • Individualized
    • Unique to each examine in difficulty and/or number of items.
  • Science-Based
    • Our Adaptive Tests are a result of decades of research, analysis and publication.
  • Mathematically Based
    • Our tests are based on Response Theory which emerges from a family of complex mathematical models.

Reports & Analytics

The results of the subsequent online tests and assignments are all available online. The results and analytics of performances can be easily found and dealt with online.