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Client Needs

The client required a centralized process of document and asset management system. Also, a lot of processes were being performed manually and therefore prone to errors. The organization required a centralized system to store documents in an organized manner, making it possible for the users to access the documents easily. The organization also required automation of processes for accurate and efficient results.

Due to the lack of efficient IT resources in the organization, the large amounts of documentation and assets produced as the result of the professional services rendered by the organization remained unattended and haphazard. Also, it was becoming challenging for the employees to access and manage content within the organization and find the required information quickly.

Also, the offline nature of the multiple processes within the organization was leading to inefficiency in management.

Solution Overview

Key Strategies Implemented

Our SharePoint team used Office 365 (SharePoint online) to create a highly functional, unified and efficient corporate portal.
Used office 365 (ShaprePoint Online) and gave the organization the flexibility to scale up.

Implemented the centralized system for the organization.
Our team conducted a series of visioning sessions to understand the context and to access information

Making an impact

Key Results

  • Complete portal that allowed the users easy access to information.
  • Efficient content management system that made documents and assets easily.
  • Improved scalability and productivity.
  • Informed team to handle content management tasks on the portal.