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Client Needs

Our customer desired an Event Management System to host large events of 40,000 – 50,000 attendees in a single conference. It’s often difficult for attendees to carry and organize the brochures for sessions, speakers, rooms, transportation information, etc. and it is equally as difficult for the event staff to communicate changes quickly.

The solution needed to be elegant yet simple to use, contain a variety of data, and allow communication between the event organizer and attendees, as well as allow conversations between attendees.

Solution Overview

Key Strategies Implemented

To achieve this complex blend of requirements, we created a sophisticated mobile app (android, iOS and Window Phone and Windows Store) and synchronized a web application to seamlessly accommodate this challenge.

Attendees were able to install the mobile app and/or browse the web app to obtain all of their event information, manage their account and receive updates from the organizers. The apps were equipped to provide all the related information regarding an event such as speakers, sessions, transportation facility, lodging facility, etc. on the mobile app in offline mode as well, so users were able to get information even when an internet connection was not available.

apart from the information regarding an event, our apps were also equipped with features to enable the user to create their own schedule for the event, chat with other attendees, send questions to speakers, submit an evaluation, take quick notes, etc. our mobile and web apps were in sync allowing the user to see the same information using either the mobile or web interface.

The solution reduced the overhead of printing comprehensive event brochures, allowed attendees to organize their days and allowed the event organizers to immediately communicate changes in real time, such as session rooms, times, cancelations, even update photos by simply triggering a notification from the system’s easy to use backend.

Making an impact

Key Results

  • Web portal for event organizers to manage & communicate
  • Mobile App for all 3 popular mobile platforms
  • All device ready web applications for users who do not want to install the mobile App