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Client Needs

Our client was looking for an application to collect survey results and act real-time on any negative feedback. They needed to quickly act on the collected data of their survey to enhance the customer service experience, increase the business values by understanding the problems and act on them in real time.

Solution Overview

Key Strategies Implemented

Mundrisoft created the application using .net allowing the administrator to quickly take action on any negative feedback. All negative feedback triggers alerts using email and SMS notifications to the managers and administrators allowing them to act immediately.

The newly created application is a real-time customer engagement platform that delivers 360 degrees of digital interaction. Going beyond traditional surveys and analytics, it includes powerful features that help its client build and deepen customer relationships, increase revenue, and grow their brand, delighting before they post negative comments online, all while delivering rich, engaging experiences retaining valued customers.

The major benefits of using this tool are

Retain Customers

Our customer now uses real-time insight to stay on top of and resolve customer issues quickly. This means better customer experiences, deeper personal relationships with customers, and increased customer loyalty to products and services.


Increase Revenue per Customer

Helps build a loyal customer base. As more loyal customers are added, business grows. In addition, this software provides an easy way to upsell and cross-sell products.


Increase Accountability

With instant insight, customer feedback drives performance metrics and improves the overall customer experience. Staff is kept more customer focused, allowing award systems that use customer feedback to reward employees for superior customer satisfaction.


Optimize Operations

Real-time insight drives real-time solutions. Our client receives instant alerts that enables them to respond to customers immediately. Rich reports and live analytics area utilized to monitor performance and more easily understand customer needs.

The new software is being used in numerous industries such as restaurants, hotels, retail chains, airlines, products manufacturers, and many other service based industries.

Making an impact

Key Results

  • Real time graphical dashboard to show real-time feedback
  • Easy to create and edit surveys
  • Real time coupon distribution mechanism based on configuration business rules