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User-friendly and modern look for SharePoint portal for HR process automation

Business Overview

The client was looking for an intranet portal that is user-friendly and widely accepted by the user base. For this the client wanted a portal that will contribute to the culture of the organization and encourage user collaboration.


The client already had an intranet portal. However, it was not being used to its full capacity because of its lower user-friendliness. That’s why it needed some rebranding.

The Mundrisoft Way

To tackle this issue, our SharePoint team took four major steps:

  • Revise the current intranet features.
  • Enhance the SharePoint user experience.
  • Refresh the intranet content.
  • Add new features to enrich collaboration.
    • Making the new portal compatible with all devices.
    • Features allowing the users to fulfill daily tasks and support social networking.

In addition to this, our SharePoint team automated by entire HR processes by introducing the following features:

  • Quick searching of pay slip: Specific to the logged-in user, this feature allows a user to search for a specific pay slip and download it in PDF format, as per requirement.
  • Applying for leave and granting leave: Using this feature, employees and project managers can apply and grant leaves without any confusion.
  • Downloading monthly and daily attendance: Specific to a logged-in user, this feature allows them to view and download their daily and monthly attendance reports.

To add a cherry on the top, our SharePoint team introduced a Technical Blog to encourage Employee engagement.

Benefits to the Client

With an improved SharePoint intranet portal, the client was benefitted in the following ways:

  • Improved employee engagement.
  • More traffic and yet seamless operation of the intranet portal.
  • Smooth experience of HR process for both the HR teams and the employees.
  • Skills:SharePoint Online, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Workflow, jQuery, Bootstrap, Rest API, CSOM, Chart.js

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