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SharePoint Accessibility

Very often, inculcating accessibility into a portal is an afterthought. It is a step to be done after everything else has been created and verified. In such cases, it becomes difficult to find the right way to include accessibility in your portal.

At Mundrisoft, we are committed to considering accessibility as an integral part of the designing guidelines right from the onset of the process. This makes it easy for the team to using the right technologies to introduce accessibility in the right manner. This saves a lot of rework in coding and content.

SharePoint accessibility

The Mundrisoft team follows this mantra when it comes to inculcating accessibility:

  • Usability for everyone: A SharePoint portal should be accessible to everyone – specially-abled or not. It is always important to remember that if you cannot move easily around the website, how will you ensure that your users will be able to?

  • Usability for specially-abled users: Being inclusive is very important when it comes to designing a website. To design a portal that everyone can use, it is imperative that we do not ignore a section of our audience.

Designing with Accessibility means not just designing for specially-abled people, but also for special circumstances in everyday lives:

  • Device-friendly accessibility: The ability to access a website regardless of the platform or device used. For example, PC, tablet, voice browser, mobile phones and so on.

  • Environment-friendly accessibility: The ability to access a website regardless of the surroundings it is placed in such as, noisy environment, rooms with varying degrees of illumination and so on.

  • Predictability: Important as innovation may be, it is important for a website to be predictable. The more a website is predictable, the more accessible it is to everyone using it.

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