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Migrating SharePoint 2013 on-premises to O365 SharePoint Online

Business Overview

The client was aiming at an automated multi-level project approval process, consisting of an approval workflow with a back-and-forth approach. Currently the same process was being carried out manually.


The client had an intranet portal setup in their on-premises SharePoint Server 2013. This intranet portal was unstable leading to many issues for their employees. The employees were facing lots of issues in maintaining their on-premises SharePoint Server.

Also, due to the bad practices followed during the initial server configuration, there was a lot of mismanagement in handline the support requests from the employees.

What they required was a new SharePoint setup which would smooth their business processes by automating them and providing the employees with a hassle-free SharePoint experience.

The Mundrisoft Way

First, our SharePoint team analyzed the current SharePoint setup, which included analyzing the annual cost of management and the total users of the intranet portal. Using the data obtained from the above analysts, our team suggested a migration of the on-premises intranet portal to SharePoint online.

Upon approval, our SharePoint team migrated the existing site to the new SharePoint online environment. Plus, our team also used the client’s design guidelines and the SharePoint online features to change and improve the look-and-feel and the functionality of the new intranet portal.

As for the business automation of the project approval process, we developed the following features:

  • SharePoint approval workflow: A 3-stage SharePoint approval workflow with email notifications.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard consisted of a list of projects submitted by every project manager. According to the access levels developed, it was possible to view the status of every project.
  • Custom Search page: Using this Search page, the users were able to search for their required projects using the keywords and tags.
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Benefits to the Client

After the complete renovation of the client’s intranet portal to SharePoint online, the client experienced the following benefits:

  • Smoother experience of operating the portal for every level of employee.
  • Quick response time due to regular email notifications.
  • Reduction in effort and time to operate the portal.
  • Skills:SharePoint Online, SharePoint Workflow, SharePoint Designer, jQuery, SharePoint Rest API, CSOM, Chart.js, Migration, Infopath

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