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Interactive Power BI Analytics and Reporting on SharePoint

Business Overview

The client was aiming at developing a dashboard that will automatically generate Excel-based and PDF-based reports using real-time decision-making capabilities.


The client already had an executive dashboard consisting of static and manually generated Excel-based and PDF-based reports. Also, these reports were generated manually using the data from disparate data sources across databases and flat files.

Due to their static nature, the dashboards did not provide any scope for real-time decision making, or the ability to perform interactive data analysis and trending.

The Mundrisoft Way

To introduce real-time analytics in the dashboard, our team developed a high-powered dashboard using Power BI in the existing SharePoint environment. The Power BI enables the real-time decision-making capabilities for business insights.

Our SharePoint team also designed multi-dimensional cubes to facilitate quick and efficient analysis of the data from multiple perspectives and source systems.

Benefits to the Client

Using Power BI had the following benefits to the client:

  • Reduction in effort to manually collate data and create reports.
  • Improved frequency of report generation due to automation, thus removing the probability of human error.
  • Increase in accuracy of the reports generated leading to more efficient analysis of data.
  • Ability to filter parameters and attributes, thus enabling multiple perspectives in analyzing data and presenting it.
  • General improvement in the look-and-feel of the dashboard, allowing for a better experience in performing daily tasks of report generation.
  • Skills:Power BI, SharePoint Online, jQuery, SharePoint Designer, CSS

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