Sales Contact and Lead Capture Application

Sales Contact and Lead Capture Application


When a sales representative meets prospects in a fast paced environment such as events or conferences, it can be difficult to gather and efficiently record all the details necessary.

This returning client was looking for a mobile app to capture and store the contact details of prospects by simply scanning their business cards or sharing phone contacts, QR codes etc. They also needed the ability to note the company products their potential customers might be interested in and to immediately inform other departments about the prospects.


The mobile app we developed is capable of extracting basic information from QR code, business card or NFC chip. Sales representatives can also add basic information into a pre-set form. After the collection of basic information they are able to select the products of interest as well as a few other options that are relevant to the sales team for contacting the prospect.

The information is then submitted to a central server where it is made immediately available to the sales and support teams via a web interface. The same web interface is used by administrators for managing users and creating events, such as follow up calls and meetings. The events are then assigned to sales representatives who are able to see all the events assigned to them and can then edit and capture additional information against the events.

This mobile app allowed the sales representatives to quickly enter their prospect’s information and eliminated the manual work performed in the past. It enabled the backend support team to see latest data, enhancing their performance and customer service and ultimately improve their sales.

  • Skills:Silverlight, .net, SQL Server
  • Client:Microsoft