Sales and Marketing, Real Time Collaboration Mobile App

Sales and Marketing, Real Time Collaboration Mobile App


Our returning client desired an app that would allow their sales and marketing team to be updated with all the offers, services, new features announcements and generic announcements for a new product. The app needed to be capable of sending notifications, submitting support questions from the sales support team and to allow answers in return. They also wanted the ability to collaborate with other team members on real time problems to get suggestions and solutions.


The result was an easy to use mobile app that was installed on the phones of sales and marketing team members. The data in the application was driven by a CMS that was updated and monitored by their support team. The entire system was divided into two main components:

  1. Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Mobile Phone Application
Content Management System (CMS):

CMS was created and used by the office staff to update the required content. The CMS provided real time support by replying to the queries raised by field staff using their phone app.

Phone Application:

The app was used by field sales and marketing teams to get the latest updated training videos, podcasts, announcements etc. The app also helped them to collaborate within the team to get real time answers from team members.

Implementation of this solution enabled the field staff and the office staff to be constantly connected. The app contained all the current and necessary information so the field staff needed to carry only their mobile phone with them, eliminating the need for hard copies, brochures etc. The app allowed them to have all the latest offers and updates at their fingertips, greatly enhancing the accuracy, productivity and performance of the field staff as well as saved the client printing and distribution costs.

  • Skills:Xamarin, .net, MVC, SQL Server
  • Client:Microsoft