Asset Localization Hub

Asset Localization Hub


Our client was facing logistic difficulties in supplying marketing assets to global sales teams in their regional languages in a rapid, efficient manner. The challenge was to translate all the content in a significant number of different languages, then print for use in the different countries.


We created convenient, customizable templates that retrieves data based on region, then displays the marketing assets in the requested language. The marketing team now utilizes the assets to create marketing flyers, banners, newsletters and emailers in their own language with customizable fields, as well as select custom values which are applicable to their region. The control panel was appropriately equipped to serve right to left and left to right languages.

This refined solution solved the problem of quickly translating the marketing assets into many different languages. The ease of access to the RAW documents was also convenient when the customer needed to further customize the documents.

  •, MVC, SQL Server
  • Client: Microsoft